Weather Events

Snowy Sunday

November Snow in Pine Hill New Mexico-1-3

I'm so glad I drove back to my New Mexico home from Oklahoma yesterday instead of today!  It started snowing this afternoon.    

November Snow in Pine Hill New Mexico-1-2

So just a couple of shots of the winter wonderland up here at 7,000 feet. 

November Snow in Pine Hill New Mexico-1

I love the snow... if I don't have to drive in it.  Or get stuck driving in it - then I have panic attacks, but I am not going anywhere all week so I should be good.  

November Snow in Pine Hill New Mexico-1-4


March 25th Storms

First Stormy Spring Day March 24th-8401


The weather alerts were out for a string of violent storms to hit on Wednesday afternoon.  So I grabbed both my camera bags and my tripod and I left to go walk a few miles with my dogs before the youngest got home from school.  

First Stormy Day-8404

So I'm trying to start to eat healthier and running again.   It is hard to eat healthy in a world filled with mixed messages.  But after a week I'm feeling better than I was, and I finally have more energy. 

First Stormy Spring Day March 24th-8419

Pumpkin is discovering how much she likes to go run in the country.

First Stormy Spring Day March 24th-8428

 The clouds were building but the dogs and I were on our walk.  I didn't know if we'd get much of the storms anyways. 

First Stormy Spring Day March 24th-8408

So I'm reading this article right now about the "Gluten Free" fad which I find interesting.. I'm not rejecting gluten as a part of my diet.  But after reading The China Study  I don't think eating less meat and dairy is a bad thing.  

First Stormy Spring Day March 24th-8455

After reading this it concerns me to see so many women in my age group sold and sucked into the high protein drink fads: No Whey Man, I'll Pass...  It can't be healthy.  

First Stormy Spring Day March 24th-8505

My youngest boy is my storm watcher.   He seems to know when we should go watch the sky.  So we left the house and drove five or so miles from home to check out this view.  

First Stormy Spring Day March 24th-8530

This was my best shot. I attempted to get some lightning shots but there were not a lot of cloud to ground strikes in this storm.  When more rain went through we later got some hail and wind out of this and more much needed rain.   

This is March, and Oklahoma heard it roar.   

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The Great March Snowstorm

So, school canceled before the rain turned to ice and the ice turned into snow.   Pumpkin is a door dasher so if the door opens she runs out.  

March 4th Snowstorm-6317

She didn't want to stay outside today.  

March 4th Snowstorm-6321


I didn't want to stay out today. I felt obligated to catch a few frames of this weather anomaly.  



March 4th Snowstorm-6326

My I stayed inside and was lazy today.  I did bake a nice chocolate cake that I got off of the Pioneer Woman's page: Chocolate Sheet Cake- it's really tasty the chocolate pan frosting also works great on cake mix cakes - but this cake is so rich it doesn't need such a sweet frosting.  

March 4th Snowstorm-6328

School is already cancelled for tomorrow.  We're supposed to have the sun again -  I hope I can get some night photography soon, or good walking and running weather.  I'm definitely ready for spring.  I don't have anything deep or profound to write about or just don't feel like writing much, I'm in the middle of two books and I would like to finish them.  I seem to gravitate towards reading from the science genre as much as I like history/politics and any number of subjects, I read science for fun.  


Snow Day- February 28th

So I'm quite sure we've never had a snowy February 28th.  Tomorrow we will be iced in on March 1st for a very late winter.   Today the husband, boys and myself went out to the farm for some walking, sledding and outdoors time.   I wasn't about to drive so I took my ice road trucker with me.  Still cloudy so no stars with a white backdrop of snow yet..

February 28 2015 Snow by Joy Franklin-6064

I have this lens which is a wonderful lens, that I don't love like I think I should.  The 24-70 is supposed to be the great catch all lens, yet I just don't like it as much as the fixed 50 of the 70/200 or my wide angle.  

February 28 2015 Snow by Joy Franklin-6077

I was trying to catch the water dripping off.  

February 28 2015 Snow by Joy Franklin-6101

Jack went with me.  We didn't take the other dogs with us today. 

February 28 2015 Snow by Joy Franklin-6141


Definitely feeling the stress of the weekend; Jack and I went on a walk before meeting up with the boys who were out on the four wheeler. 

February 28 2015 Snow by Joy Franklin-6141

I don't think there is anything great about the photos  I'm posting today. 

February 28 2015 Snow by Joy Franklin-6108

So I don't have a lot to say about them.  I do get amused when I get followed by other photographers on twitter or interact with them on message boards on Facebook and I had one woman tell me she was a "high end" photographer (rolls eyes) and another whose profile went into being an award winning photographer.   Okay.  I don't need that, I want to learn more about photography but if you know you're good at something why do you need to be validated by other people? I mean it's nice when people want you to do their portraits or hire you but, come on.  When you're motivated internally you know when you reach a certain point or standard.   

February 28 2015 Snow by Joy Franklin-6166

But I still have a lot to learn from other people. I'm not sure if I want to play the game that way.  I don't really want to play the raise my prices until I'm a "high end" photographer. I also appreciate the people who send me business, but they don't have to.  Clearly, I find time to do what I enjoy. 

February 28 2015 Snow by Joy Franklin-6220

Although, I hope the sky clears and the snow doesn't melt tomorrow so I can get some starry night photos under the snow.  I also wish the roads would be clear instead of sheets of ice so I can go to more interesting places and photograph besides the farm (but that won't happen). 

February 28 2015 Snow by Joy Franklin-6246

Photography teaches you to appreciate negative spaces.  

February 28 2015 Snow by Joy Franklin-6249

The sled left without the kid... 

February 28 2015 Snow by Joy Franklin-6238

I kind of just wanted to be outside but it seemed a shame not to photograph the snow.  But yesterday was far better when the snow was falling.  

February 28 2015 Snow by Joy Franklin-6124

Jack was my solitary companion.  Jojo moved to a new home and Pumpkin and Ozzie didn't join us.  Jack is much more subdued in the snow.  

February 28 2015 Snow by Joy Franklin-6127
 Look into his soulful eyes.  I love Jack the Dog.  

February 28 2015 Snow by Joy Franklin-6071

One thing I notice about other photographers is the crop.  I think the crop is the most important part of the editing process.  But it's March now and I've wasted enough time playing around with these photos I took in February.   Looks like tomorrow will be the first March in many many years when the ground was covered in snow.   So goodnight.   

It Belongs In A Museum!

"It Belongs in a Museum"  - - This  article just came out that the Museum of the Great Plains is Set to Close For Major Renovation Project.   

Ice Storm in Rush Springs OK 12-2013-7726

Because I feel very fortunate to know of this project I was contacted about some ice storm images from last December.  So, I pulled out my archives and gave them a fresh edit.  I hope one is used but if not, I got to revisit some old images.   

Ice storm in Stephens County -7463-2

I enjoyed taking a break from portrait editing to go through these images I shot last winter. It's funny because last winter I was in camera despair, my favorite lens that came with my Canon 7D, the 28-135 was broken. I spent most of my time shooting with my first lens purchase which I made Christmas of 2010, a Canon 55-250 zoom lens which is a world away from what I use now, yet I still like my landscape photos from it. 

Ice Storm in Rush Springs OK 12-2013 matte-7907'

It's late and here is a reminder about what a wonder winter can be.  I'm just fine without ice storms though.  :-)  It is bedtime for me.  Goodnight readers.   


The November 16th Snow

Snow in November?!  Yes, it did snow and thankfully has eased up some of the pressure on my schedule this week.  I am grateful for the break the snow has given me this weekend and tomorrow.  


So here are my November 16th snow images.  These are all in Velma. 


The persimmons are ripe.  


I didn't think I would have time to update the page so soon with new pics. 


I don't think any of us believed it would really snow today.   


And now we all get a snow day tomorrow!!  I'm super excited about this.  


The road is slick already. 


Oh hey! Look my first photo of a light trail.  


So I looked outside and decided I needed to take this photo..


So, I still need to work on wedding edits.  But, I've set myself a deadline for having it in the mail and it will be. 


It is a dark and snowy night.  So, I'm reading about medium format cameras, which I will never own or afford but it's a nice thought.  I discovered the 50mm is fun at night and I prefer the telephoto for snow shots - the compression makes the snow look more intense. 

Rush Springs Watermelon Festival 2014

It was hot, it was too crowded, it was the Rush Springs Watermelon Festival. 

20140809-IMG_2152Watermelon Festival 2014

My cousin came from North Carolina so we met them to go to the festival.  The Watermelon Festival is a great, widely promoted festival.  I love that we have all this social media that helps us share our events, but sometimes I think we take it too far.  

20140809-IMG_2164Watermelon Festival 2014


Small towns welcome the influx of money an event like this brings in.  Personally, this event is far too crowded for me to enjoy. 

20140809-IMG_2137Watermelon Festival 2014

I've posted many times about this Festival, it's been a part of my life since childhood.  It was a part of my Dad's life, the most exciting thing he had to look forward to all year as a child.  

20140809-IMG_2172Watermelon Festival 2014

My Dad said his melon won in 1949.   

20140809-IMG_2204Daddy and Craig_

My Dad and my cousin, who also remembers coming to the festival as a child.  

20140809-IMG_2170Watermelon Festival 2014

The Watermelon Queen doing an interview.  

20140809-IMG_2181Watermelon Festival 2014

I don't really feel like writing a lot tonight, I do want to get these photos up. I don't have a lot to say about the Watermelon Festival. Most small town festivals celebrating whatever makes them special are similar to many other small fairs and festivals throughout America.  

20140809-IMG_2114Watermelon Festival 2014

That's all for now.  

When it Rains

After a week of friends, road trips, a wedding and family I headed home yesterday and of course, not being a storm chaser ended up driving through hours of rain and a severe thunderstorm on Highway 283 in Kansas.   I am not a storm chaser, but when it rains...

Between Grainfield and Hoxie Kansas -5751

Between Grainfield and Hoxie Kansas..a road I traveled many times in 2004-5 when I taught school at Grainfield. 

Today I am home after driving more miles than I care to think of in the last week. 

Grainfield Kansas-5765

Grainfield Kansas.  This photo accurately represents the name of the town.

Jetmore Kansas-5775

Shooting out the window - the thunderstorm over Jetmore. 

Sitting in the rain south of Jetmore-5782

We had to stop in the rain and hail for a while.   I don't like being stuck in high winds and hail in my little car. 

In the last week I explored some unique places in Kansas, Nebraska and South Dakota.   I can build a vision of this region for you slowly as I post some of these photos.   But I'm glad to be home.

Near Dodge City-5795
  The windfarm outside of Dodge City.   I really don't like windfarms and what they do to our landscapes. 

Near Dodge City-5798

This shot was outside of Dodge City, I suppose were I not so lazy I'd get up and find a map with a name for the town that you can see in the distance.

Near Dodge City-5813

I had to stop for fuel at Ford.

Storm outside of Ford Kansas 6-25-5815

Ominous clouds and a severe thunderstorm warning. 


Storm outside of Ford Kansas 6-25-6880

Fleeing the storm near Ford, Kansas

Storm outside of Ford Kansas 6-25-6881

I made it out of stormy Kansas and into hot, humid, Oklahoma.

Oklahoma border near Buffalo -5820

Oklahoma!  It always feels so good to cross into Oklahoma, even if I still am four hours from home. 

Oklahoma border near Buffalo -5824

Driving away from the storm which was heading south. 

Oklahoma border near Buffalo -5832

Looking back on stormy skies near Buffalo and Fort Supply.  

Near Buffalo Oklahoma-5834

I am not a storm chaser.  I am a photographer and I have trouble passing up a good opportunity when I see amazing skies, but it's always good to be home. 

I Am NOT a Storm Chaser

Storm between O'neill and Grand Island-6653

In between the long, empty sandhills stretch on Highway 281 in Nebraska I was heading south with no towns to be found for 25 miles on a 100 mile empty stretch of nothing but land.  I am NOT a storm chaser.  I am, a cloud watcher.  But not chaser.

In between O'Neill and St. Paul Nebraska.  

Goodnight from this hotel room.  It has stopped thundering and I can sleep now.