Tulsa in November

On November 6th we went to Tulsa for the night and spend the next Saturday at Woolaroc and the Philbrook.  This was a trip I had been wanting to take since I began this page five years ago. 

Tulsa Weekend-1

I haven't had a lot of time this fall.  No time for myself - no time for anything....  I'm still behind on edits and I'm so tired from the commute from my job I just don't seem to get anything done.  

Tulsa Weekend-1-9

Downtown Tulsa - the last time we were here was in September for the Rob Thomas concert, which was excellent.  

Tulsa Weekend-1-8

We celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary on the 11th of November.   

Tulsa Weekend-1-10

We stayed at the Hyatt Regency which was nice.  

Ray and the buffalo -1

We got up the next morning and went to Woolaroc, which was pretty cool.  I've been wanting to visit this place since 2010 when I learned about it.  


Woolaroc has a wildlife preserve and an incredible collection of Western and Native American art.  


The mound builder artifacts was something that I wish I knew was here in 2013 when I was working on my thesis.  


I was in awe of these effigy pots. 

Philbrook -1-2

Incredible -  looking  into the past...  

Tulsa Weekend-1-7

After we left Woolaroc we headed over to the Philbrook.  Next time I go to Tulsa I need to go to the Gilcrease museum.  

Tulsa Weekend-1-2

Ray and the buffalo -1-2

We made it back to Tulsa later that day.  We really could have spent the day in Bartlesville but we can save that for next time. 

Philbrook -1-4

The Philbrook is a beautiful museum.   

Philbrook -1

It is definitely worth the time to visit. 

Tulsa Weekend-1-11

I'm still behind on everything it feels like but I wanted to put some photos up. 

Tulsa Weekend-1-12

A beautiful mansion filled with priceless art and heritage from around the world. 

Medieval Icon Art -1

Art impresses and amazes me.  Mainly because I don't have the skills to draw and also because I can look back into the middle ages or the Renaissance and see a different world.  

Medieval Icon Art -1-5

This is all I have the energy to do today.