Giving Thanks and Cake

So right now I'm baking a pound cake.  It's my blog right? I can make a category for recipes, right? YES - I can.   


2 1/2 cups sugar
1 cup stick butter (margarine will work but it won't be as good)
1 teaspoon of vanilla or almond extract
5 large eggs
3 cups of all purpose flour
1 teaspoon of baking powder
1/4 teaspoon of salt
1 cup of milk or evaporated milk (I always use milk)

  1. heat oven to 350, grease and flour bottom and side of pan (I use two loaf pans or a bundt pan)
    2. beat sugar, margarine, vanilla add eggs in large bowl with electric mixer on low speed (30 seconds). Beat on high speed five minutes. Mix flour baking powder, and salt beat flour mixture into the sugar mixture alternately with milk on low speed. Spread in pan.
    3. Bake one hour and ten minutes- or loaf pans 55 to 60 minutes or until toothpic inserted in center comes out clean.

Room -1

That room that I posted about working on this summer, well it's finally finished. I love it. But now it has furniture and the wood stove back in.   Soon Christmas decorations and hopefully gifts.  


I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday. I've pretty much been trapped indoors the whole time thanks to cold rain.  I was looking forward to spending time outdoors but as much as I enjoy walks in cold weather I need to adjust to spending time out in the cold and cold rain really is my least favorite weather.   I am still not caught up on laundry but progress is being made, so maybe it is good to be stuck indoors for prolonged periods of time.  


My Dad's leg and the cat chasing the laser pointer.... on Thanksgiving.  You see we aren't a everyone dress up and take pictures for show on Thanksgiving.   But isn't that the way families should be? 


I shot my last scheduled portrait session.  The only things on my agenda for 2016 are two weddings so far.   I don't intend on doing a lot of portraits in 2016. 

November Landscape-1-7

I need more of this.  

November Landscape-1

I want to go drive backroads and photograph interesting things. I want to photograph the stars. I don't want to spend hours stitching composites to wow a huge Facebook following. I want to make images that I enjoy from the time I shoot them. I like authentic photography not the ability to show off with fancy editing and stitching together images to create something that is less than real.  

November Landscape-1-2

I guess I should write about giving thanks, because that's what I titled the post.  I think I could write a lot more about being frustrated.  But I am most certainly Thankful that it's almost December! 

November Landscape-1-5

I want to become a better photographer, but I can't do it when I'm under pressure to edit.   

But I suppose I better get back to work on my last edits!  

I hope to update this blog more often...