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The Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque!

Balloon Fiesta New Mexico Albuquerque-1-2

It's been just right at a year since I moved to New Mexico.   We woke up early and went to the mall for the "Park and Ride" which is what I would recommend since it will save you the trouble of parking. Balloon_Fiesta_Albuquerque_2017-1

We arrived as dawn was beginning to peek over the Sandias.  

Balloon Fiesta New Mexico Albuquerque-1

What a beautiful morning in America.  


I found a little history:

From a small gathering of 13 balloons in 1972, the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta has grown to become the largest balloon event in the world. Held each year during the first week in October, the Balloon Fiesta now attracts almost 600 balloons and 1000 pilots.

The first gathering of 13 balloons in 1972 was held in the parking lot of Coronado Center Mall in Albuquerque. The following year, 13 countries took part in the "First World Hot Air Balloon Championship", the world's largest ballooning event, held at the New Mexico State Fairgrounds. By 1978 Albuquerque was playing host to 273 entries. The number of balloons steadily increased, with 600 in 1988 and 903 balloons in 1999. The organizers of the Balloon Fiesta registered over 1000 balloons in the year 2000. Balloon Fiesta Background

Balloon Fiesta New Mexico Albuquerque-1-8

It was an amazing experience.  I also have had difficulty with my internet service at my current residence so updating this blog has been nearly impossible and extremely frustrating.  I live on a Navajo Reservation in western New Mexico and the digital divide is a real issue. 

Balloon Fiesta New Mexico -1-3

Balloon Fiesta New Mexico Albuquerque-1-5

I really enjoy living in the west.  Albuquerque is a great town.

Balloon Fiesta New Mexico Albuquerque-1-17

I really don't need to write a lot here so I'll just share images from the event. 

Balloon Fiesta New Mexico Albuquerque-1-13

It was a "bucket list" kind of event.  I've always wanted to go to this event.  

Balloon Fiesta New Mexico Albuquerque-1-7

The first balloon festival that I attended was in Gainesville, Texas in 2013.  My lens broke that evening.  It was too windy for the balloons to fly.  

Balloon Fiesta New Mexico Albuquerque-1-6

The moon was out and it was a beautiful morning. 

Balloon Fiesta New Mexico Albuquerque-1-18

What a crowd!  

Balloon Fiesta New Mexico Albuquerque-1-3

Balloon Fiesta New Mexico -1

This is the world's largest hot air balloon.  

Balloon Fiesta New Mexico Albuquerque-1-19

So many images.  

Balloon Fiesta New Mexico -1-5

Come to New Mexico!  

Balloon Fiesta New Mexico Albuquerque-1-20


Sad Papaw's Cookout

Last night I was chatting online and one of my friends said she was driving up to Oklahoma from San Antonio to go to Sad Paw Paw's Cookout in Purcell.   Well, I've vaguely read posts or tweets about Sad Paw Paw and how he had a cookout and only one of his Granddaughter's made it.   But I haven't thought much of it.   So I decided not to be lazy and got up this afternoon and went to meet my friend at the interstate to ride up to Sad Papaw's Cookout.   I thought it would be an adventure and something to do, and hey I got invited somewhere!  

Sad PawPaw Cookout in Dibble Oklahoma-1

So the photo above sucks.  I know it.  It's okay.   I forgot to change my ISO settings for a while.  Dumb move but it's not the first time and it won't be the last.  They will get better, I promise.  

Sad PawPaw Cookout in Dibble Oklahoma-1-2

That was the food line...  my friend and I got in the Meet Papaw line.   Now the directions said Purcell, and I expected this shindig to be at Purcell, but we turned off and kept going east, and I realized we were almost to Dibble.   When we moved back to Oklahoma from Kansas in 2005, the first job I was offered was in Dibble.  I always regretted leaving that job despite the commute because I loved the community and my coworkers.   

Sad PawPaw Cookout in Dibble Oklahoma-1-3

Look at that grill!  It was quite a cookout!   

Sad PawPaw Cookout in Dibble Oklahoma-1-4

I don't think I have ever posted about Dibble?   I am certain I haven't.  Dibble is a little town that is in-between Blanchard and Lindsay Oklahoma off of Highway 76.   

Sad PawPaw Cookout in Dibble Oklahoma-1-6

The line was probably an hour or an hour and a half. I didn't keep track, it was nice outside.  

Sad PawPaw Cookout in Dibble Oklahoma-1-5

When you work in a community you never forget that connection.  Especially as a teacher, just like I'll always be a "Dibble Demon"  even if it was briefly.  And ten years ago!  What has happened with my life!  I worked here in 2005 and 06.  This is the first event I've attended since I worked here and I didn't even know I was going to Dibble.   So, I think this was a wonderful thing.   People coming out to show someone that they matter.   Sometimes the internet is amazing.   

Sad PawPaw Cookout in Dibble Oklahoma-1-7

These guys were from Texas, up for a basketball game.   Which, how about those Sooners?  My school rocks.   

Sad PawPaw Cookout in Dibble Oklahoma-1-8

The line behind us. 

Sad PawPaw Cookout in Dibble Oklahoma-1-10

The hosts of the cookout made sure the dogs had water while we waited in line.  

Sad PawPaw Cookout in Dibble Oklahoma-1-11

This little guy is adorable!  

Sad PawPaw Cookout in Dibble Oklahoma-1-12

We finally made it in the tent and I finally realized that my ISO settings were off.  

Sad PawPaw Cookout in Dibble Oklahoma-1-13

We also got to have a burger with Pawpaw!  

Sad PawPaw Cookout -1-2

This was fun.   I bet he was a tired man after the day was over!  It's pretty amazing how one post can turn viral.  

Sad PawPaw Cookout in Dibble Oklahoma-1-14

It was about our turn... 

Easter Buddy and Big Sister -1-2

My friend came with gifts.   

Sad PawPaw Cookout -1

And her family!   

Sad PawPaw Cookout in Dibble Oklahoma-1-15

I think I missed this one?  

Sad PawPaw Cookout in Dibble Oklahoma-1-19

Oh yeah... Buzzfeed was here! Here is Tamerra Griffin and her post "I Went To Papaw's Cookout And It Was Kind of A Blast"

Sad PawPaw Cookout in Dibble Oklahoma-1-18

I'm glad Sad Papaw doesn't have to be sad anymore, I hope he has an awesome experience with his internet fame!   

Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 11.23.48 PM

One of me up here...   I didn't get a shirt, but that's what cameras are for...  I have pictures of the shirt but I can officially say that I've "been there, done that."  

Sting and Paul Simon at the American Airlines Center in Dallas

On Sunday afternoon we headed out on a dreary day that put me in mind of an awful day a few years back in which I made my escape to Dallas.  We headed out and it was one of those cold, almost foggy almost misty, monotone days which are incredibly forgettable and rarely photogenic.  Yet, I had my camera, because it had been so long since I went to Dallas, not quite as long since I went to a Sting Concert which I did last June at Red Rocks in Morrison, Colorado. 


Dallas at the American Airlines Center-8566

We arrived for the Paul Simon/Sting tour plenty early and parked in the parking garage and left to wander downtown and find something to eat which we did at Cook Hall. 

Sting Fan Club Shirt-

I went dressed as a Sting fan in my new fanclub shirt.  

Dallas at the American Airlines Center-8568

My Sister purchased our tickets to see Sting and Paul Simon back in early January.  I didn't plan on getting hurt a week before the show, so I got online and bought my other sister a ticket so she could be our driver.  I usually go to all the Country concerts with my younger sister and the rock concerts with my older sister.  Our seats, on our given budget were less than fabulous, but a week before the show I managed to get the younger sister a seat directly behind ours in the nosebleed section.  

Downtown Dallas Texas-8572

It was nice to be outside and walking around; however slowly.  It is extremely frustrating being a runner and not being able to even walk like normal.  

American Airlines Center Texas-8585

After we ate we walked back to the car to get ready to go inside for the show.  

American Airlines Center Dallas Texas-8665

Another shot from inside the pavillion.  In 2007 my Sister and I went to see The Police at the American Airlines Center. It was one of the best concerts that I've ever attended. 

American Airlines Center Dallas Texas-8680

Enough with these shots, it was time to go in...the rest of the post will be filled with fandom and camera phone shots. 


My siblings and I went into the arena and found our way to our seats way up high in the arena and were content to watch the show from there. 

Wine Me Up-

I was happy!  People were coming up and one woman in particular was having a panic attack because of the height.  

Selfie -

It was going to be a good night.  I wasn't worried about seeing the stage as long as I could hear the music. I am not familiar with Paul Simon so I had no expectations of being entertained by this artist. I was there for Sting.  But right at 8 pm, not ten minutes before the show finally began we had a big surprise in our section.  

Section 105 American Airlines Center-

An employee came to our section and was offering to exchange our tickets!  Of course! We knew it could not possibly be worse than the seats that we had.  Our seats were $60 seats as it was, and for the most part the floor seats were way outside of our budget.   So we took the seat exchange and headed downstairs to find Section 105.   Mind blown!  We were par with the front row!! We could see backstage, we were right next to the big screens!!  This has never happened to me at a concert before! It was amazing!  

Sting -

I realize venues say "no photography" and are fighting a losing battle.  I think the fans are the best advertisers for the venues.  I do not consider iPhone photos as worthy photography, posting these are just a way of retaining memories.  


Sting and Paul Simon put on a two and a half hour show which was incredible throughout.  It was the first time I heard Sting perform Love is the Seventh Wave and They Dance Alone; along with my favorite song to hear live The Hounds of Winter.   I truly enjoyed Paul Simon - although I joked about how I didn't know any of his music.  I loved 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover and Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes.   We ended up having a truly memorable evening!  I've been happy all week because of this show, despite being subsequently slowed down by my foot injury this week had a great beginning.  If you ever get the chance Sting live is one of the best performers that I've ever seen.  I want to wish you all a Happy Valentines Day tomorrow!  

Murray County Antique Tractor Show 2013

On September 21st I went to the Murray County Antique Tractor and Implement Association and show with my Dad. 

Murray County Tractor Show in Sulphur-3798
My pictures look familiar to those I shot in 2010.  But it was a nice day anyways. 

Murray County Antique Tractor Show 2013-3658
I don't like how the photos look from this lens anymore. Which is why I haven't published them yet. That along with being absolutely exhausted.

Murray County Tractor Show in Sulphur-3781
I like the color scheme on the old Oliver tractors.  

Murray County Antique Tractor Show 2013-3672
The Farmalls are nice though. 

Murray County Tractor Show in Sulphur-3580
The Oklahoma flag flies on this beautiful September day.  

Thresher at the Antique Tractor Show in Sulphur OK-3637
The threshing machine. 

Murray County Antique Tractor Show 2013-3674
So at antique tractor shows it's possible to lose my father in a crowd.  

Murray County Antique Tractor Show 2013-3698
My Dad told me that he remembered being a child and watching hay bales be made with one of these old balers. 

Murray County Antique Tractor Show 2013-3705
I remember going to many antique tractor shows as a kid, I always loved the demonstrations.  The living history that you get to experience at these shows is incredible.  

Murray County Antique Tractor Show 2013-3709
I love these agricultural displays.  This as a young teenager fueled my love for history.  These pioneer and prairie museums fascinated me with the people of the past who survived on so much less technology than we have today. 

Baling Hay -3713
I love watching history in action. I love seeing how people of the past experienced life. I love reading and telling their stories when I teach.  

Baling Hay -3734
Farming and agriculture was once a part of everyone's daily life that so many are disconnected from now.  This is why I love history, not what I've learned from history books but what I've learned from literature and stories that I've read.  

Husking Corn-3599
Husking corn with the machinery. 

Corn in a Farm Demonstration at Sulphur Oklahoma-3627
What a wealth of information the school children take away from this show when they come through to visit.  This is how you teach about history and places.  Not in a classroom filled with books of dusty knowledge.  Experiences and places shape people, people shape one another. Institutions do not have the same amount of impact that life's experiences do.  We are the sum of our experiences; the places we've went the people we've met.  

Corn Cobs -3605
I appreciate my parents for the rich experiences they gave me. I may not have always appreciated going to flea markets, auctions and tractor shows, but I learned to appreciate the importance of the past.  I realize that in public school settings where the history teacher is only valued if they can coach football and not from their credentials and passion that I may never teach in a classroom the way I have always wanted, but I can bring this rich experience to the world through my photography. 

Murray County Antique Tractor Show 2013-3621
The opportunity to learn about the past gives us insight to who we have become.  

Buzz Saw Demonstration-3773
I love the buzz saw demonstration.  

Baling Hay -3745
I love the smell of the cedar as it's being sliced into planks. 

Buzz Saw Demonstration-3754
I remember spending weekends at tractor shows, this was our camping or family vacations. This is what we did in the summers.  

Daddy -3584
I always remember that no matter where we went Daddy would run into people he knew, it didn't matter if we were in Iowa or in Oklahoma for a tractor show.  He always had people talking to him.  

Daddy -3586
It's nice spending time with him, but the photo below is what I remember. 

Junk at the tractor show swap meet-3650
Pretentious obnoxious "picker" shows on television really irritate me.  Considering people have been buying and selling junk parts, antiques or treasures before some hollywood producers decided to make a stupid reality show out of it, glorifying it for urban, frustrated housewives to pick up on the fun of buying and selling antiques.  A trailer of antiques or parts, sitting out for a weekend at a tractor show while your parents sell what they brought.  Running around the show, eating the fun food that you get from the food vendors, that is what I remember about being a kid.  

Elderly Couple Holding Hands at Murray County Antique tractor show in Sulphur-3804
I really enjoyed watching this couple walk hand in hand. 

Old fashioned ice cream maker-3819
We had to get some ice cream before we left.  


Western Spirit Celebration In Duncan Oklahoma

Western Spirit Celebration in Duncan Oklahoma-2360
I attended this celebration in 2010 when I was just beginning this website.  Saturday morning two weeks ago I attended it again.  With a new perspective in western heritage and western spirit. While this celebration is based upon the western perspective of manifest destiney it is the one that shapes the museum and the spirit of the Chisholm trail that runs through western Stephens County. 

Western Spirit Celebration in Duncan Oklahoma-2365
Duncan is a town which is having an identity crises.  Yet, life goes on and traditions continue.

Western Spirit Celebration in Duncan Oklahoma-2367
The town is founded around the Chisholm Trail which was one of the cattle trails that ran through the region until the coming of the railheads in the 1880s.  It's amazing how such a brief moment in history can set the tone for the history of a region to be celebrated and revered through the rose colored glasses of generations to come.  

Western Spirit Celebration in Duncan Oklahoma-2372
To forget that the land that was once Duncan was held by the Kiowa, Comanches, Wichitas and later the Choctaws and the Chickasaws when they were moved to the region.  Indian Territory, which was soon forgotten in the western fervor for land. 

Western Spirit Celebration in Duncan Oklahoma-2395
The depressed economy after the Civil War and the low prices for the cattle in Texas led to the growth of the Chisholm Trail. Geography paved the way for the trail, west of the piney woods of the east.  The land and the excess cattle along with the desire for the higher prices in the north led men to drive these cattle up a thousand of miles of trail into places like Abilene, Kansas. 

Western Spirit Celebration in Duncan Oklahoma-2404
The cattle industry paired with the horrible factory conditions led Upton Sinclair to write The Jungle. 

Western Spirit Celebration in Duncan Oklahoma-2437
Do I write the realities of history to belittle the re-enactors? No, I don't, but we can't always write history to please the victors.  Life on the trail was rough.  The beauty of a community coming together in remembrance is a good thing.  Children getting a taste of the chuckwagon and the fascination with history that the adults share.  

Western Spirit Celebration in Duncan Oklahoma-2379
The Native representation of Choctaw culture reminded me of the photography exhibition by Tom Jones called Encountering Cultures.  In this work sincere non-Native people recreate Native experiences.  Tom Jones is a Ho-Chunk photographer from Wisconsin.  The Ho-Chunk people along the great lakes share so many cultural similarities with the people of the south eastern United States. 

Western Spirit Celebration in Duncan Oklahoma-2444
Yes, Duncan does have a Cowboy Church.  It also has a biker church, a recovery church and all your other denominations.   

Western Spirit Celebration in Duncan Oklahoma-2454
The blacksmith displays are always interesting. 

Western Spirit Celebration in Duncan Oklahoma-2456
Using plants to make rope.  While the yucca was interesting, I don't believe it was used a lot among the Choctaws. I could be wrong. 

Western Spirit Celebration in Duncan Oklahoma-2468
The best part is the food, prepared by the chuckwagon cooks. 

Western Spirit Celebration in Duncan Oklahoma-2433
I found my former boss busy frying potatoes...  

Western Spirit Celebration in Duncan Oklahoma-2427
I really can't get away from the barbed wire. 

Western Spirit Celebration in Duncan Oklahoma-2405
I will leave you with a little nostalgia and sepia just for the moment.  


The Hot Air Balloon Festival in Gainesville Texas

The Sky's The Limit Balloon Festival in Gainesville Texas happened last weekend.  We went down Friday only to have a thunderstorm prevent us from viewing any balloons.  So, I returned Saturday evening to the balloon festival only to have my favorite camera lens break after we arrived.  I can't say these are the best shots but I wanted to share.  

Hot Air Balloon Festival in Gainesville Texas -2801
We spent the day Friday with no balloons but I will post those photos later, I want to get the good shots up right now.  Oh, not only did my camera lens break but my wifi and home internet has been out for a few days! We've had a technology crises!  

Hot Air balloon Festival in Gainesville Texas-2670
I've viewed photos of hot air balloons but  it was the first time to actually see them in person, it was quite impressive and something I would like to photograph more of.  As much as I have a horrible fear of flying I really want to go up in one.  

Hot Air balloon Festival -2534
So how do these balloons work? Check out

Hot Air balloon Festival in Gainesville Texas-2545
Saturday evening we weren't sure if we'd get to see any balloons either because it was windy.  Gainesville is really not too far from where I live, it's about 80 miles from home and not too far south of Ardmore where we go regularly.  

I can't really describe how it feels to sit in front of these giant balloons and watching them be held in place for the glow and lifting off for a brief period of time, I didn't get to experience a mass lift off of the balloons this time.  

Hot Air balloon Festival in Gainesville Texas-2710
I didn't walk around right away I was spellbound by the giant lady bug glowing in the distance! 

Hot Air balloon Festival in Gainesville Texas-2779
I sat on the ground and cried after my lens broke. I was pretty sure that I'd driven 80 miles for no hot air balloons again and wasted an entire weekend waiting to see them and not to have the lens that I shoot the most with. Fortunately it may be repairable if not it should be replaced fairly easily.  But, it's hard to explain what your camera gear means to you when you spend so much time with it and it is essentially a companion.  

Hot Air balloon Festival in Gainesville Texas-2840
So I want to go on a ride in a hot air balloon someday.  It looks like it would be quite an experience.  


The Watermelon Festival Carnival

Rush Springs Watermelon Festival 2013-1077
After the parade the teenager and her boyfriend headed out to the carnival.  Note there are no watermelon photos in my festival photos.   I remember going to the carnival as a kid with my cousins. 

Rasta Banana at the Carnival -1121
Even the stuffed bananas are having a good time hanging around. 

Rush Springs Watermelon Festival 2013-1083
So a certain 17 year old wanted a funnel cake.   Clearly I had grounds for a photo opportunity. 

Grace and Jacob at the Watermelon Festival Carnival-1091
Pretty much the best picture of my daughter that I've gotten in a long time.  Isn't she beautiful? 

Grace and Jacob at the Watermelon Festival Carnival-1090
And another of her and her friend.  

Rush Springs Watermelon Festival 2013-1097
I always enjoy the lights of the carnival.  

Rush Springs Watermelon Festival 2013-1123
I hope Oklahoma enjoyed the festival today! I stayed home and recovered from our night at the carnival. 

Rush Springs Watermelon Festival Parade 2013

Well, since I lived in Rush Springs for eight years of my life and went to the festival for many years before that I consider myself somewhat local.  So these photos that I'm posting here are of the parade and carnival, not the actual Festival which takes place tomorrow.  If you want more information they have a Facebook page set up. The festival has been going on for many years, and my Grandfather was a melon farmer and some of the best pictures of my Dad are from when he was a toddler in a melon field.   My Dad graduated from Rush Springs and my childhood family reunions with all of my favorite Sharp cousins were the second weekend of August.   Rush Springs Watermelon Festival 2013-0932

Rush Springs, Oklahoma; the watermelon capitol of the world.   My favorite banker, Kim Duke, is working with the announcer, it's not often I can halfway properly caption any candid photography of people at fairs and festivals but I do know a few Rush Springs faces.  

Rush Springs Watermelon Festival 2013-0952
The parade is starting.  I didn't go to the Velma Picnic celebration last weekend for any photography.  After returning from Nebraska, Oklahoma felt like a sauna and pure misery to be outside in.  

Rush Springs Watermelon Festival 2013-0957
Area State Representative Joe Dorman throws candy.  These photos are horrible because the lighting was awful and there isn't much I can do about them.  The parade would photograph much better were it going the other direction at the time of day they have it.   

Rush Springs Watermelon Festival 2013-0962
The 2013 Watermelon Queen.  

Rush Springs Watermelon Festival 2013-0967
It's all about the candy and the children....

Rush Springs Watermelon Festival 2013-0971
It's also about the teenagers.  My friend's Grandson was standing near where I was making me feel very, very old because I remember sitting at the swimming pool when he was a toddler wearing a life jacket to swim.   Where has the time gone?  I remember my husband driving the police cruiser through the parade about a decade ago now.  

Rush Springs Watermelon Festival 2013-0972
It is time to get the candy.  

Rush Springs Watermelon Festival 2013-0979
Here come the four wheelers.  

Rush Springs Watermelon Festival 2013-0982
Here comes Rush Springs Veterinary Service--  if you need to make an appointment with Dr. Sharp (my big sister) call 580-476-2042

Rush Springs Watermelon Festival 2013-0990
I didn't ride in the parade, I photographed it.  But, maybe next year I will have to ride through the parade with my camera.  

Rush Springs Watermelon Festival 2013-0991
They've decided that beads keep better than candy. 

Rush Springs Watermelon Festival 2013-0998
You can get your tshirt tomorrow.  

Rush Springs Watermelon Festival 2013-1004
Finally, someone smiling for the camera.  

Rush Springs Watermelon Festival 2013-1012
High School Cheerleaders... and 

Rush Springs Watermelon Festival 2013-1017
The lil' Redskins.  Perhaps, now is not a lesson in why Native mascots are not cool? It's late, but I will use this imagery at another time to discuss this topic. 

Rush Springs Watermelon Festival 2013-1022
These guys are excited to be in the parade!

Rush Springs Watermelon Festival 2013-1032
SO this truck was the best part of the parade for me! 

Rush Springs Watermelon Festival 2013-1041
and finally here come the horses.  

Rush Springs Watermelon Festival 2013-1060
One more shot and I will finish with parade photos.  

Rush Springs Watermelon Festival 2013-1069
Don't forget this festival takes place yearly on the second Saturday of August.  

Sting at Red Rocks

Don't think me unkind, words are hard to find...

  I've always wanted to see a show at Red Rocks since I have watched some events that were filmed there and played on the music channels.   Words can't really describe the experience.  I finally had the chance to see Sting in concert at Red Rocks last Wednesday on his Back to Bass Summer 2013 tour.  Yes, I've been to a Sting concert quite a few times now - 9 to be exact.   

Morrison Colorado Red Rocks-5139
Wednesday was exhausting and stressful.  Going to a concert in a city you've never been to at a totally new venue and needing to book a hotel for the night pretty much had me stressed out by the time we found the place.  We actually got lost in Denver after visiting the Natural History Museum and found our way to Red Rocks, left Red Rocks and booked a hotel, took a nap and returned early before the gates opened.  

There will be cell phone pictures in this post since places such as concert venues discriminate against those of us who use good photography equipment.  Yes, I said discriminate.  Because having a detachable lens means you might actually take good photos of an event while attending it and cause mass destruction to the corporate empire that feeds off of celebrities and talent.   

This is the first venue where  I can honestly say it doesn't matter where you sit.  I spent far more time watching the view than I did worrying about seeing Sting up on stage.  It helps that I've been to many of his concerts.  But looking out over Denver on a cold June night was pretty incredible. 

Photo (1)
The Hounds of Winter was my favorite song to hear performed at this show.  

Photo (2)
Of course you all know which song this is right?  Right?  Roxanne of course. Never as good as it was since The Police tour of 2007 and 2008!  How can that be six years ago! June 26, 2007 in Dallas Texas was an amazing show!  November 2007 in San Antonio, May 21st 2008 in Dallas... Yeah I remember them all!  

Photo (3)
You really should go to this venue, even if your sense of direction gets horribly messed up and your navigator is less than talented at navigating and your phone maps suck and you are depending on a paper map and the directions of McDonalds employees to help you find your hotel after the show ends. 

Sting Live at Red Rocks in Morrison Colorado-5125
I parked on the side of a MOUNTAIN!  All of the Sting shows I've been to have been memorable and great times with my older sister.   I really loved his Symphonicities tour in 2010, it was a wonderful day waking up to photograph the sunrise in Galveston and then going to the Natural History museum and finally heading to see Sting at the Woodlands in Houston.   The tour with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra was the best concert I've ever attended. The music was perfect, incredible. I wish he would do it again. 

Red Rocks-5167
The view was amazing.   I remember the first time I ever went to Houston was in 2004 for the Sting's Sacred Love tour.  I was teaching school in Kansas at the time and I left on a Friday afternoon and returned to work on a Monday.  It was 1000 miles one way and quite a weekend.   

Parked on a Mountain-5208
Parking uphill on a mountain wasn't really what I anticipated.  

Hiking Red Rocks Morrison Colorado-5195
This is another one of my favorite Sting songs, The End of the Game.  Last June we went to see Sting two nights in a row at the Winstar World Casino in Thackerville Oklahoma.   Yakoke, Chickasaws, Yakoke.  

Red Rocks Trading Post-5130
Another one of my favorites that he performed at Red Rocks.  

Why do I still take car shots----5099
WHY DO I STILL TAKE SHOTS FROM MY CAR LIKE THIS??? I still do it.  I rarely edit anything I shoot like this. Yet.. here they are.   

Red Rocks from Dinosaur Ridge-5278
Here is the view of Red Rocks from Dinosaur Ridge (also a neat place).   And I will close with one of the best songs in the history of music.  Message in a Bottle

Cruisin' The Chisholm Trail on Saturday Morning

Saturday, I returned to the car show for some daytime shots of the cool cars on Duncan Main Street.  

Mainstreet Duncan Oklahoma  Joy Franklin Photography-0701
 I normally wouldn't go to car shows.  This is my second year to visit this one.  There were a lot more cars there this year. 

Cruisin' The Chisholm Trail Car Show in Duncan Oklahoma-0717
I pick the winners on my page.  Actually I don't.  I do photograph the cars that I would pick as the winners of the car show.  So, you get to see my excellent, refined, cultured taste in this little bit of American culture and heritage that you see here.  This is a pretty, feisty little machine.   

Stalking The Husband in Duncan-0719
No matter where I went I kept following this guy.  So he ended up taking me home.  

Old Pickup Truck in Duncan Oklahoma-0720

I like these old trucks.  

Crowded Main Street in Duncan Oklahoma at the Car Show-0722
In this town of 20,000, main street was filled with people out for a nice April Saturday morning. 

Crowded Main Street in Duncan Oklahoma at the Car Show-0727
Nervous car owners, shining and polishing their vehicles while waiting on the judges to come by.  

Smoked turkey leg-0730
So, my goal is less sugar and more protein. SO I photographed the smoked turkey leg that I had. I neglected to photograph the funnel cake I shared with my husband as we were leaving. If I didn't take a photo of my food and post it on Facebook  it didn't happen.  Right?  

Thunderbird at the Duncan Car show-0738
I love the 1950s cars. I actually like 1950s anything, furniture, lamps, decor, dishes.  I'm not an Elvis fan though.  

Reflection of Joy -0743
Shiny, strange reflective things= self portrait.   

Mainstreet Duncan-0757
Mainstreet Duncan.  I've been to many movies in The Palace Theater (aka "The Cheap Theater") - or the one you can go to and actually afford the popcorn.  

Straight Shooters Band Duncan Oklahoma-0759
Here is the Facebook Page for the band! 

Straight Shooters Band Duncan Oklahoma-0763
The car show had two stages set up this year.  

Pony Rides-0774
Pony rides for the kids!

Pretty Old Ford Pickup Truck-0778
Pretty old Ford truck, isn't it.   Please excuse my lack of narration. I just finished a short paper for a class, I'm sleepy and would rather be editing the photos I shot today.  But, I wanted to post more of these car show photos on here for everyone to see. 

Texas Motor Speedway -0780
Texas Motor Speedway in Ft. Worth was represented.  Not too far of a drive for racing action, only 120 miles from Duncan. 

Interstate Batteries and M&M Car -0783
I suspect this car can probably go really fast.  

Jeeps blocking the streets of Duncan-0792
This was the coolest way to block off a street.  

Jeeps blocking the streets of Duncan-0790
I was not the only one impressed.

Fastest Firetruck Ever -0798
So the next photo I'm posting is a horrible shot, but I want you to see the rockets on this firetruck, which isn't a firetruck, because it is clearly a very fast rocket propelled vehicle. 


Rockets from the Firetruck -0799
See the vignette? Yeah, it's awful. It's horrible, the shot was almost totally white.  But, there are the rockets.  

Mark Smith Rocket Firetruck in Duncan OK-0784
There you go, the fast firetruck.

Interior of restored antique truck -0818
I'm super sleepy now.  It's midnight and I've quit drinking Mountain Dew late at night.  I am barely awake. But have a few more shots to bring you before I put away the computer and go to sleep.

  Trophies -0830

So as I was about to leave, I found who won the *Blogger's Choice Award (*blogger is me, there is no award).


Pink and White Car is Adorable -0835
I thought this car was pretty nifty. 

Someone is buying a Funnel Cake -0837
Oh look, there is that Man again.  He's buying me a funnel cake to share with him.  He even stood in line twenty minutes to get it.  ;-) 

 If you don't like my shots, check out Carolyn's here: My Visions by Carolyn Pettijohn

Now, it's bedtime for the reforming insomniac.