Copyright Issues


The images I produce are "mine,"  there is nothing more insulting for a photographer to find your images attributed to someone else.  

20140728-IMG_0790Oklavision Screen Shot

So I learned how to do reverse image look up today on google.  I pulled one  of my favorite posts over the last four years my Foss Lake Sunset photos.   I found the screenshot that I posted above on Pinterest. It was my image that was given credit to TravelOK, which I NEVER upload photos to.  I was IRRITATED, because this webpage says they use the BEST Oklahoma photographs.  This website is managed by a tribe whose financial success and budget surpasses the state of Oklahoma's bottom line. This TRIBE is made of Native people.  Native people and Native artists should not be giving images away to a tribe who is immensely successful with their tourism and promotions.   This sovereign Nation can afford to pay for it's images.  Also the image on pinterest listed the wrong lake because there were five other adults at this camping experience the night I shot these photos.  After studying research studies and going through a short crash photo-journalism class I do not like seeing organizations which are backed by adequate funding not being ethical.  

20140728-IMG_0792Oklavision Screen Shot

Another reason I do not like seeing my images pinned and not redirected back to my own website is that each image has a story behind it.  I took my own resources, my own fuel, my own time to take that image.  I took my time and effort to post it. I pay all the fees to post my images on my blog to share them with the world.  These images are MINE.  I want the public to enjoy them, I want you to learn from them. I want you to appreciate them.  ALL I ask is to be given credit for them. I don't ask for large fees. I ask that I get credit.  Fortunately Pinterest has a place to file copyright infringement complaints which were filed against the tourism webpage that decided to use my images and give them credit to other websites.  

This is my time and effort -  I'm not a paid employee for a tribe or corporate office!   I do this out of my own heart.    I went to the Cimarron River outside of Freedom Oklahoma-  a few years ago, my Husband drove me to the spot where I took the shot.  My kids got out of the car and gathered rocks on the way home from a short family trip.  I have my own memories tied to these landscapes, these places.  These images are mine.   

Unfortunately this falls within the realm of Native Studies.  I do not think this is the "Native way" of how to treat artists.  I'm proud of the Choctaw Nation, because when they have used my images they work with an art company who contacted me and paid me for each image.  I respect the Choctaws. I'm glad I am a Choctaw.  This other tribe despite it's economic success is a disappointment in it's unethical online behavior.