Continental Well

Breaking Ground

I read a blog the other day about how people are missing out on life by trying to document every moment with selfies, photographs and postings.  I'm just as guilty of this, moreso.  But, I wonder if I'm really missing out or if I've gained.  I know by keeping this blog I can go back and reminisce year by year and tell you what I was doing two or three years ago.  But, do you really care what I was doing three years ago?  Those images will be fresh to you despite being a hazy memory in my past.   

Breaking Ground Continental Oceana -1434

Maybe hiding behind the camera is "missing out on life" I certainly would like to do "less" social media (and always find myself back for more).  But on Friday the ground was being broken for Continental's future well site called Oceana.   A rig down the road a few miles will be moved to this site. I don't think I've lost out in my life with photography becoming one of my primary focuses.  I've gained a new way of looking at the world. In academic circles it would be called a critical lens, and my lens, is the authentic lens of photography in which I frame the world.   I can take this five acres that has a history of a century in my family and frame it as it evolves into a modern industrial site.  

Breaking Ground Continental Oceana -1350

But it's a comfort to be able to be outside along with the camera, it's my company since as much as humans interest me as a subject the landscape is far more compelling.   

Daddy and Jack -1365

As a society we take so many photos of our children, but aren't the adults and everyone else in our lives just as important.   Jack and my Dad as we went out to look at the ground being broke for the new well.   I love the photos of my father as much as the photos of my children.   

Daddy and Jack -1369

Jack was trying to climb in and go for a ride. 

Daddy and Jack -1375

Enough armchair philosophy (it doesn't matter anyways).  But we are inundated with information, which I desire to break free from and also desire to constantly know.  

Breaking Ground Continental Oceana -1434

Back to breaking ground the workers were busy making their hard earned wages which is a good thing.  So we took this land which just raised a few watermelons in the summer and now men are making money to take home and feed their families.  It's a multiplying effect, by agreeing to allow this rig to be put on family land a lot of people will benefit.  An agreement, money is exchanged for the land, labor is exchanged for money and resources will be extracted which will go to the good of the American people, you me and everyone sitting here reading this. We are all surrounded by our petroleum based products and it's hypocrisy to say that it's not important.   

Breaking Ground Continental Oceana -1363

But all the players here were willing.  My Mother who signed the lease, the people employed by the companies working here.  The drilling is done on private land with private mineral owners agreeing to allow the companies to extract their resources.  It is not done by the force of governmental coercion.  This is  the free market in action.  These companies desire to comply with safety regulations or else they would be fined, so they follow procedure defined.  In fact since the oil companies have been on "my" road there has been LESS littering.  I've walked the sections and haven't found beer cans, trash or anything minus a few lost tools or lonesome gloves.  I am impressed that they don't litter, as so many do.  

Breaking Ground Continental Oceana -1382

Our society doesn't value the blue collar worker, the physical laborer like we should.  People like this create the foundation of our consumer society, they lay the ground work so the academics can be academics and not foraging for food.  The division of labor, although nevere equal deserves to be respected.   

Breaking Ground Continental Oceana -1400

My most precious delivery arrived safely I see.   

Breaking Ground Continental Oceana -1411

Thirteen year olds -  don't really know how much they are loved sometimes.    

Breaking Ground Continental Oceana -1416

Two old farmers discussing the oil industry.  

Breaking Ground Continental Oceana -1425

I missed photographing the site today since we had a family day but plan on going out to check out the progress tomorrow.  

Sleeping baby-1435

Those sweet little twins that I was babysitting earlier this week normally stay with my Sister so I get to stop by and see them.  It was naptime today.  So precious. 

Sleeping baby-1441

Today we went to the amusement park, which is exhausting.  I should be asleep but I had to wind down from a full day of walking.   It was a good family day.  But if you're still awake check out Summer's latest about her trip out west last weekend: Surviving Summer: Flying W Guest Ranch