Antique Tractor Shows

Murray County Antique Tractor Show 2013

On September 21st I went to the Murray County Antique Tractor and Implement Association and show with my Dad. 

Murray County Tractor Show in Sulphur-3798
My pictures look familiar to those I shot in 2010.  But it was a nice day anyways. 

Murray County Antique Tractor Show 2013-3658
I don't like how the photos look from this lens anymore. Which is why I haven't published them yet. That along with being absolutely exhausted.

Murray County Tractor Show in Sulphur-3781
I like the color scheme on the old Oliver tractors.  

Murray County Antique Tractor Show 2013-3672
The Farmalls are nice though. 

Murray County Tractor Show in Sulphur-3580
The Oklahoma flag flies on this beautiful September day.  

Thresher at the Antique Tractor Show in Sulphur OK-3637
The threshing machine. 

Murray County Antique Tractor Show 2013-3674
So at antique tractor shows it's possible to lose my father in a crowd.  

Murray County Antique Tractor Show 2013-3698
My Dad told me that he remembered being a child and watching hay bales be made with one of these old balers. 

Murray County Antique Tractor Show 2013-3705
I remember going to many antique tractor shows as a kid, I always loved the demonstrations.  The living history that you get to experience at these shows is incredible.  

Murray County Antique Tractor Show 2013-3709
I love these agricultural displays.  This as a young teenager fueled my love for history.  These pioneer and prairie museums fascinated me with the people of the past who survived on so much less technology than we have today. 

Baling Hay -3713
I love watching history in action. I love seeing how people of the past experienced life. I love reading and telling their stories when I teach.  

Baling Hay -3734
Farming and agriculture was once a part of everyone's daily life that so many are disconnected from now.  This is why I love history, not what I've learned from history books but what I've learned from literature and stories that I've read.  

Husking Corn-3599
Husking corn with the machinery. 

Corn in a Farm Demonstration at Sulphur Oklahoma-3627
What a wealth of information the school children take away from this show when they come through to visit.  This is how you teach about history and places.  Not in a classroom filled with books of dusty knowledge.  Experiences and places shape people, people shape one another. Institutions do not have the same amount of impact that life's experiences do.  We are the sum of our experiences; the places we've went the people we've met.  

Corn Cobs -3605
I appreciate my parents for the rich experiences they gave me. I may not have always appreciated going to flea markets, auctions and tractor shows, but I learned to appreciate the importance of the past.  I realize that in public school settings where the history teacher is only valued if they can coach football and not from their credentials and passion that I may never teach in a classroom the way I have always wanted, but I can bring this rich experience to the world through my photography. 

Murray County Antique Tractor Show 2013-3621
The opportunity to learn about the past gives us insight to who we have become.  

Buzz Saw Demonstration-3773
I love the buzz saw demonstration.  

Baling Hay -3745
I love the smell of the cedar as it's being sliced into planks. 

Buzz Saw Demonstration-3754
I remember spending weekends at tractor shows, this was our camping or family vacations. This is what we did in the summers.  

Daddy -3584
I always remember that no matter where we went Daddy would run into people he knew, it didn't matter if we were in Iowa or in Oklahoma for a tractor show.  He always had people talking to him.  

Daddy -3586
It's nice spending time with him, but the photo below is what I remember. 

Junk at the tractor show swap meet-3650
Pretentious obnoxious "picker" shows on television really irritate me.  Considering people have been buying and selling junk parts, antiques or treasures before some hollywood producers decided to make a stupid reality show out of it, glorifying it for urban, frustrated housewives to pick up on the fun of buying and selling antiques.  A trailer of antiques or parts, sitting out for a weekend at a tractor show while your parents sell what they brought.  Running around the show, eating the fun food that you get from the food vendors, that is what I remember about being a kid.  

Elderly Couple Holding Hands at Murray County Antique tractor show in Sulphur-3804
I really enjoyed watching this couple walk hand in hand. 

Old fashioned ice cream maker-3819
We had to get some ice cream before we left.  


Murray County Antique Tractor Show at Sulphur

Friday morning I got up and followed my 73 year old Dad to The Tractor Show put on by the Murray County Antique Tractor and Implement Association.  I have always called it the "Sulphur Tractor Show" but apparently I was wrong in the name.  It takes place near Highway 177 north of Sulphur.  I obviously didn't know where it was because as we left and I followed my Dad I felt like obviously he was lost and had forgot how to get there.   He wasn't lost.  I wouldn't have found it without him.  I would have found it  though, if I would have gotten on the website.  I spent part of my childhood going to tractor shows and swap meets, so it brings back memories.  

Line of Tractors

A row of tractors being exhibited 

John Deere B
a 1937 John Deere, sporting some showy chrome and the American Flag.

SilverKing and Farmalls
Friday at the Tractor Show was filled with school children.  The club had people working hard putting on demonstration after demonstration of agricultural history.  Events such as this are living history. The kids experienced picking corn and husking it and shucking it to having it ground into meal, they had a threshing machine threshing wheat. Some of the other exhibits were a blacksmith, soap maker, broom maker, and a water wheel.

 Corn, beautiful corn 

Threshing wheat 

Steam Engine
The steam engine; a beautiful, hulking creation of nineteenth century agricultural technology

A blacksmith making a steel rose.  This is talent.   

Allis Chalmers
A unique little Allis Chalmers.