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Sunday, July 05, 2015


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Pretty good words, Joy. I'm one of those guys who likes the rainbow because of God, and I've never thought that gay people were trying to take anything away from me because of their flag.

I'm not a Confederate Flag person. My people come from Ohio, and whoever was alive at the time of the Civil War fought for the North. I'm glad the flag is coming down from public property. I don't think it should be flying above government buildings or on state property. But I don't like the erasure of it that's happening in the media. Canceled reruns, products pulled from store shelves, and NASCAR too? I think we are over reacting, and those people who want to fly the flag now, will be doing so out of a frustration of being told "You shouldn't fly that flag" - with the only explanation as to why is because some person they will never meet will have hurt feelings.

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