Cutting Hay (Insert Photography Rant Here)
Summer Stars


Daddy's Home -2557

Such love this tiny dog has for this man.  

Daddy's Home -2548

Milo is on the counter.  Milo don't care.   Milo is sure of himself. Milo is confident.  There is only one Milo.  

Daddy's Home -2542

Scratchy likes to sit on my printer.   

Daddy's Home -2540

I stayed inside today and avoided the heat.  It was not a bad day, felt a little guilty for not going out for a sunset or stars but that's okay.   

Now, I'm not a huge fan of the President but I'm proud the President came to the Choctaw Nation and spoke to MY people.   I'm also glad that we have a president who took the time to go speak to prisoners.  Those are the people who need that inspiration, they are the people who need the time of successful people to build them up if it is possible.   So, there is my two cents.  Also, seriously, meeting a black president with a Confederate flag? Not cool rednecks, not cool at all. I'm glad we have the right to speech and I'll defend your right to speech but you do not represent Me.    Think.   He wasn't the one banning the flag.  I don't believe it should be banned, but it should not fly above state Governments.   Anyways...  back to being a libertarian.  




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