Wildhorse Creek- The Flood of 2015
One Day

This Spring...

I haven't been able to spend evenings walking.  It's raining.  There are constant storm watches and warnings.  These photos were May 24th, I loaded up Pumpkin, Sister, and Ozzie and we went to the farm.  I've been wanting to take my macro lens out to check out the butterflies, but I found a dragonfly. 

May 24th 2015 Dragonfly -1

The internet and social media has been filled with a constant barrage of flooding photos. Constant storm watches and warnings  from morning to night.  Lake Waurika has went from 20% full to 100% full in a matter of a few weeks.   

May 24th 2015 Butterfly-1

I absolutely love the plant life with the rain, I'm seeing flowers that I've never noticed and it's just lush and beautiful.  My allergies though, pretty much make me have no energy to enjoy this greenery and the storms don't make me want to be far from home.  

May 24th 2015 wildflowers-1

I'm also trying to finish up my edits so I can be caught up before the June vacations.  But this spring is beautiful.  My poor dogs aren't getting much exercise.  

May 24th 2015 Loyal Dingo-1

My Pumpkin is all grown now.  She has her big dog bark now, I don't think you'd want to open my gate.  

Pumpkin and Sister May 24-1

Sister just loves water, she absolutely loves puddles.  She leaps into them and lays down.  She's so much fun.  

Pumpkin and Sister May 24-1-2

Feel sorry for my car.  Sister is my passenger.   Pumpkin found a dead Armadillo and rolled in it like it was the best  body lotion she'd ever smelled.   My car hasn't recovered yet.  

May 24 flowers-1-3

The dogs played and I played...  I enjoy photography.  I don't enjoy the stress of needing to rush through edits for people.   I find it amusing that so many of my portrait sessions are canceling worried about the weather and I use that as an excuse to go out and shoot in the weather they are concerned about.   

May 24th 2015 wildflowers-1-2

The trouble with playing with macro photography while the dogs are out playing in the fields is they want to play with me too. 

May 24th 2015 wildflowers-1-4

This is how I photograph flowers.  This is what happens when you sit down on the ground.  This is another reason why I find inspirational quotes on photos about peace and nature kind of dumb.  This is reality.  Happy dogs and wagging tails in your face, warm tongues licking your hands, face, legs or anything they can get near.  This is my reality.  

May 24th 2015 wildflowers-1-5

I absolutely love my Australian Cattle Dog (Red Heeler)- Pumpkin is the first dog I've had that can play fetch and drink water from the bottle. 

May 24th 2015 wildflowers-1-7'

I went inside my parents house for a snack (I mean that's what I do when I go walk...it's always good to go snack at Mom's house).  Pumpkin found the window I was sitting by and informed me that she was still outside and I was not. 

Butterfly May -1

I love this little 100mm macro lens.  This Tokina lens is half the cost of a Canon and the quality is amazing.   


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