This Spring...
Chickasaw National Recreation Area 2015

One Day

I had one day I was looking forward to this month.  Today.  We had concert tickets for a show in Dallas.  Last night we had a record amount of rain dumped on us and North Texas, this morning Dallas was flash flooding and the Red River is nearly at our bridges.   Storms were forecast for this evening too (so far nothing).  So the tickets to the show were given away, we didn't risk driving to Dallas (when the trip is mainly interstate).  The weather is unbelievable. I'm tired of it. Its much like 2007.  I'm tired of rain, clouds and the anxiety that comes with watches and warnings.  Because tornado watches put me on edge, it is a strange fear.   

May 29th Sister-1-2

This dog, Sister, I picked out the day she was born.  She was part of a litter of rescue pups.  I got her from the people we got Pumpkin from.  When we got her she wouldn't let us pet her, she's so shy and standoffish. I wondered if I made the right decision with my Sweet Sister, but she's warmed up to us all now and I love watching her pure joy at being out in the fields.  She loves the water, she plops herself down in any puddle anytime she sees one.  I just adore her gentle soul.  Her name is Sister because we got her to be Pumpkin's companion; her little Sister.  

May 29th Sister-1-3
 I didn't really feel like going out. I decided to make my dogs happy.   I also have had other things frustrating me and realizing at the end of the summer it is the end of my five years out of the profession.   I am also still trying to catch up on portrait sessions that have been rescheduled and I will indeed shoot portraits in June despite saying I wasn't. (Just as I said in January, February and March).   

May 29th Sister-1-5

If I were independently wealthy my benefactors would be dogs and maybe some cats.  I made the mistake of reading a post today about a wedding photographer who shorted her clients, but then I made a further mistake of reading the commentary on the news page's Facebook page.  Which is where anyone and everyone takes out all their random frustrations. It honestly made me not want to do business with anyone and just spend my time, effort and energy photographing my landscapes and my pets.  I've been reading about legalities, contracts, business matters and I'm less and less inclined to want to continue this.  I feel you can be good at something and know it's not meant for

as a career, which is exactly why I'm going back to my old career of teaching.  

May 29th Sister-1-4

Because I love photography as a creative outlet, and I even enjoy portraits.  But not every weekend, not all the time. So to stay in the business I have to become cost prohibitive.  Which means doing photography on the side is going to priced as a luxury and not as a bargain.  Last year I was fine with shooting cheap sessions until I gained much needed experience.  Now, I find my time is more and more valuable.  So when you question why some photographers are priced higher than others, they probably have to do so for their own sanity.   

May 29th Sister-1-9

I give up .  I can't upload the rest of the pics for this post, so they will stay in my unshared files.  Anyways...  next week will be better.  





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