The Heartland Flyer in Pauls Valley
A Spring Day and Night

Santa Fe Depot Museum at Pauls Valley Oklahoma

So, while my oldest was learning to parallel park (I know, I know, I could teach her but everyone who rides with me is terrified). She terrifies me when she's driving and I can't handle it very well.  My anxiety does not make for a good drivers education teacher.    But there you again train travelin'...

Pauls Valley Train Depot Museum BNSF Train-7877

So the boy and I were waiting on the action figure museum to open.  But, fortunately we didn't have to be bored we could go in the old Santa Fe depot and check out that museum. 

Pauls Valley Train Depot Museum BNSF Train-7894

Anyways here is a train.  I assume people like rail photography for the aesthetics of the lines the same as liking a nice photograph of a empty highway or light trails or a barbed wire fence.  Plus they're easy to shoot.  I guess that's why portrait photographers like to get run over on the tracks and people want their photos done on the rails - which is dangerous.  This train was going fast... like really fast.  Okay, enough with that, next up the museum...

Pauls Valley Train Depot Museum -7808

The teen wasn't overly interested in this museum.  

Pauls Valley Train Depot Museum BNSF Train-7862

I love these displays filled with tiny remnants of the past...  

Pauls Valley Train Depot Museum -7864

The past is what it should be the past.   Just a memory to forget, or remember depending on the lessons that it teaches us.  

Pauls Valley Train Depot Museum -7861

There are things in everyone's past that need to be forgotten, yet if we forget for too long are we doomed to repeat history.  

Pauls Valley Train Depot Museum -7865

We hang on to the past; good and bad. Often only the bad memories remain- because those cause the most emotion.  But, with photography and much of what ends up in museums, the physical remnants are usually positive.  

Pauls Valley Train Depot Museum -7869

I would SO love this to use with infant photography.  So cool.   

Pauls Valley Train Depot Museum -7871

This is a neat museum, worth stopping to experience the local history.  There are a lot of little museums like this.  Down the road in the town of Davis you can find a similar museum (which I have photos of and I don't think I ever posted or processed).  

Pauls Valley Train Depot Museum -7872

My inner history teacher loves these old maps.  

Pauls Valley Train Depot Museum -7870

Fonts!  Fonts were important back in the day too!  

Pauls Valley Train Depot Museum -7807

Here is Mr. Garvin of Garvin County.  It's so weird to think of a person as being the reason behind a place name.  Of course, these places always had a name, but the settlers came in and renamed these places.  

Pauls Valley Train Depot Museum -7976

I photographed this in 2013.  What I find the most interesting is how differently I edit.  

Paul Valley Oklahoma in 2013

Pauls Valley Train Depot Museum -7973

And this is true,  and I like the memorials all around the park.  Did you see my previous post about The Heartland Flyer-  we have decided that we need to take the train to Fort Worth soon and have that experience! 

Pauls Valley Train Depot Museum -7977

But if you're in Pauls Valley, go ahead and take a few minutes to stop and explore the history at the Santa Fe Depot Museum and then head over to the Toy Action Figure Museum (which is really neat). 



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