A Spring Day and Night
The Only Underground Salt Museum in North America -Strataca in Hutchinson Kansas

March 25th Storms

First Stormy Spring Day March 24th-8401


The weather alerts were out for a string of violent storms to hit on Wednesday afternoon.  So I grabbed both my camera bags and my tripod and I left to go walk a few miles with my dogs before the youngest got home from school.  

First Stormy Day-8404

So I'm trying to start to eat healthier and running again.   It is hard to eat healthy in a world filled with mixed messages.  But after a week I'm feeling better than I was, and I finally have more energy. 

First Stormy Spring Day March 24th-8419

Pumpkin is discovering how much she likes to go run in the country.

First Stormy Spring Day March 24th-8428

 The clouds were building but the dogs and I were on our walk.  I didn't know if we'd get much of the storms anyways. 

First Stormy Spring Day March 24th-8408

So I'm reading this article right now about the "Gluten Free" fad which I find interesting.. I'm not rejecting gluten as a part of my diet.  But after reading The China Study  I don't think eating less meat and dairy is a bad thing.  

First Stormy Spring Day March 24th-8455

After reading this it concerns me to see so many women in my age group sold and sucked into the high protein drink fads: No Whey Man, I'll Pass...  It can't be healthy.  

First Stormy Spring Day March 24th-8505

My youngest boy is my storm watcher.   He seems to know when we should go watch the sky.  So we left the house and drove five or so miles from home to check out this view.  

First Stormy Spring Day March 24th-8530

This was my best shot. I attempted to get some lightning shots but there were not a lot of cloud to ground strikes in this storm.  When more rain went through we later got some hail and wind out of this and more much needed rain.   

This is March, and Oklahoma heard it roar.   

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