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I Finally Did It!

Wichitas at Night

I had a portrait shoot last night in Elgin.   Once or twice a week, I'm behind on editing and mailing sessions but I hope to work at them late tonight and catch up.  

Stars at the Wichita Wildlife Refuge-4335

So after capturing those lovely sunset moments at the end of the golden hour, I knew I wanted to stay for my own personal reasons. It's so funny, I love the sunset on Mt. Scott. It's a beautiful view and I imagine there aren't many to top it.  But once you know when and where to be when you want those glorious sunset shots, you know there is no mystery in it.   

Stars at the Wichita Wildlife Refuge-4368

But, last night - despite being tired from Monday's adventure in OKC - I wanted to watch the stars come out and I had an excuse to be there.  

Stars at the Wichita Wildlife Refuge-4407

It was eerie and quiet in the refuge - I just stopped along the highway and took a few night shots.  

Stars at the Wichita Wildlife Refuge-4408

 Do you see the galaxy in this photo?  

Stars at the Wichita Wildlife Refuge-4409

I didn't stay too long. This song is as relevant for my life as it was in 2009 when I first heard it  Stop and Stare

Stars at the Wichita Wildlife Refuge-4410

 I love that I am successful doing photography, yet it wasn't a "childhood dream"  it was never really a full blown business scheme.   I still consider myself a teacher, yet I am not sure if I belong as a public school educator because I think so many issues cause the actual educating in education to take the back burner.   


 Isn't this interesting at night?  It was very dark there as I drove my way out of the refuge.  



I left the Wichitas and headed south out of Lawton to Walters - and headed on highway 53 to Comanche and on home.   I have been wanting to photograph this abandoned church at night and it seemed like a perfect night to do it.  I was shocked at the amount of traffic from both directions.  

Abandoned Church near Walters at Night-4414


You can see the traffic in this shot. 

Stars at the Wichita Wildlife Refuge-4421

I love finding the universe within a photograph.  I watermark these images differently, many images I just don't care about.  If people steal them -  I know I created them.  But when I'm taking late nights and standing outside in the cold and alone for periods of time.  I don't want them stolen, they are my creation.   I feel differently about these images.  They are a challenge and It takes so much more thought to create and compose them.   I also feel that they'll end up as some idiots inspirational meme and they'll take my image and place their own thoughts and emotions on them. So, I mark them as mine.  


If I didn't value myself I wouldn't be creating these images.  These images come out of my selfishness and how I value my solitude and my time to create.  I need this time.   


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