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Ashfall Fossil Beds in Nebraska

That's Gross (Nebraska)

Gross Nebraska is a little town in Boyd County.  Kind of like Monowi (also same county), Boyd County is known for it's small towns.  

Gross Nebraska -4157

It's always funny looking up these tiny villages in the county where I spent my childhood.  There are plenty of blogs of people who drive through out of curiosity.  Gross Nebraska was founded in 1893 by homesteader Ben Gross and family.  This is another small town that died when the railroad failed to go through, it did at one time have  a population of 600.   

Gross Nebraska -4155

See the deer?  

Gross Nebraska -4170

In 1965 the Gross School district became part of the Spencer District; which would be where I attended school from K-9.  So as much as there isn't much here now, stop and read about what it used to be: History of Gross Nebraska

Gross Nebraska -4171


So, I got a pressure cooker for Christmas.  I'm now mastering the art of cooking quickly; I'm not as afraid of blowing up the kitchen now.  I probably should be.  <--I posted this and was told that this statement was kind of random.  I'm sure it is.  But, the soup I made for dinner was nice.   

Gross Nebraska -4172
 So there is a park in a town with the population of two, and a swimming pool in a town with the population of 500. Nebraska treats their children right.  Now what is going on in our small towns where we can't make our parks and have pools in Oklahoma?  It's a shame.  

Gross Nebraska -4173


Save often! My internet froze as I was working on this post and fortunately I had just saved. I believe this is the business establishment, and they do have a Facebook Page.

Gross Nebraska -6583

I handed over my other camera to my friend and she took a few shots of me shooting.  

Gross Nebraska -6579
It was a good day! We haven't met in person since Summer of 2008 and that summer she was pregnant the first time I drove through and had a new baby the next time so this visit was much more fun.  The time before that I was up for her wedding.  We had a great visit. Oh Monowi is another town that is frequently blogged about for it's distinct lack of population.  Here is what Yahoo has to say about these small towns. Go Here and Double The Population...




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