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So I went down the rabbit hole of my photo archives the other day.  I went through random file after file from 2002-2009.   I am amazed at the change in technology, my children and my skills.  

2004- Petey in New Mexico -1

I pulled out my oldest archives to find a photo of Petey; our Red Heeler mix and reason we have Pumpkin now.  I miss Petey.  Petey was a cool dog, he wouldn' t poop in our yard, he'd back up to the chain link fence and poop in the neighbors yard.  I think that was a sign of great intelligence in a dog.  ha ha.  

Aunt Marie-1-3

My Great Uncle and Aunts, they've all passed away now.  I miss them; Uncle Horace, Aunt Gladys Booker, Aunt Vernois, Aunt Clarice, and Aunt Marie, these were my Grandmother's siblings.  My Grandmother passed away in 1993 when I was a teenager.  These Aunts were the closest remaining family to my Grandma.  I always have tons of photos from our family reunion in Umpire Arkansas.  

Grace Row and Justin at El Morro-1

My kids in New Mexico when we moved there in 2003.  This was climbing the mesa at El Morro in Ramah.   They were so small.

Justin and his bottle -1

I've shot digital since 2001.  Here is my "baby" my Baby Justin who, would not like this photo.  I called him "The baby" the first five years of his life but by first grade he requested we not call him Baby Justin anymore.  He will always be my baby.  

Grace School Picture -1

Here is a reason that I do photography at a reasonable rate. I remember scanning this super cute photo of my daughter that I couldn't afford to purchase (how can you expect a full time college student with three small children to buy expensive school portraits)?  This is one reason I think $200-400 potrait sessions are outrageous.  

AOL -1

Oh hey! It's me on AOL in the year 2001- 14 years ago I met a wonderful group of women who I still write to most of them on Facebook now.  There was a "Pregnant Due in February 2001 board"  -  which I found in the Fall of 2000 while I was expecting. I loved AOL and the bulletin board.   I still love all the ladies that I met through this.  

Grace -Dance Recital -1

My Daughter's Dance Recital- I love the old cameras and the technology in these older photos. l have this camera.  I need to put batteries in it and see what I can do with it.  If it still works. I'm curious to take my old cameras out with a new perspective.  

Kids 2001 -1

People who want perfect family photos...  give it up.  These look perfect to me now.  

Rowan in overalls -1

My oldest son.  

Grace riding her bike -1

My daughter riding her bike in New Mexico - 2003. In music in 2003 I remember listening to "Harder to Breathe"  But the radio station in New Mexico played this song all the time: "Heaven"  Grandma's Christmas in March -1

I found another video of sweet Grandma.   This was March of 2009 at our Christmas in July. 

Elizabeth in Houston -1

New Years Day 2009 in Galveston with my friend! 

Justin Rowan on Biloxi beach -1

November 2007 which we went to Mississippi and home through New Orleans immediately after Thanksgiving. But before we went to Mississippi on November 20 of 2007 my Sister and Brother and I went to San Antonio to see The Police in concert (yes, for the second time that year).   I don't care how small the files are or how blurry the photos are I treasure the images in my archives from when my children were small. I also realize that I was so busy because three children and full time teaching jobs didn't leave a lot of room for anything but exhaustion.  2007 was a GREAT year as much as I hated my job and didn't think I was happy, travel wise - wow we went a lot of places!  

First Ever DSLR photos-1

I will end this post with my very first DSLR photo - that I took with the Canon Rebel that I got to use at the fine arts workshop that I attended in November of 2009.   I actually never "really" wanted a big huge bulky camera - I wanted something easy and convenient that took good photos (no interest in photography)- type of snapshots.   Right now I've been reading about Sony Mirrorless DSLRs and I'm curious as to what kind of quality I could get with a nice fixed lens as something to keep in a purse.   Oh, but I should really stop reading about technology.  But, I love technology.  These pictures tell a story of how amazing technology is.  From 2001 to 2009 - technology has changed our world so much.   


So perhaps I'll pull some of these old photos out and write about the past more, but I don't have time right now and should be working on other things.  


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