Late Night in Salina, Kansas
Seeing the Sights in Abilene

Sick in Manhattan

So, I'm finally recovering from the illness that I've had for a week tomorrow.  I've spent the last day and a half sick here in the hotel in Manhattan.   But this afternoon after taking the rehydrate route of recovery I feel much more like myself.   I took a few minutes to play with selfies with the mirror and the nice lighting in the window before I left.  Or..not really selfies of me but photos of my camera.

June 1 2014  Camera Selfie Manhattan KS-1628

85mm lens with a Canon 6D.   I like how it shoots.  Unfortunately I've not heard word back from Canon about what is wrong with my 7D. 

June 1 2014  Camera Selfie Manhattan KS-1602

The lighting in this room is great.  I spent all day sleeping and drinking orange juice and have battled with fever for a week and a cough.  I hate to waste a day of a trip in bed sick but this isn't a bad place to do it.  Cable TV is a treat now that we only have Netflix and unlimited hot water and a comfortable bed that's not my own was not bad. 

June 1 2014  KSTATE veterinarian convention-1642

I'm keeping my sister company for the convention then afterwards our journey north will continue.  Last year we went west to Denver to see Sting at the Red Rocks amazing ampitheater.  I don't have many photos to share and really didn't plan on taking many today, but did take a few snapshots. 

June 1 2014  KSTATE veterinarian convention-1650

These are snapshots, a moment that I put little thought into.  They aren't great compositions they are just reflections of a time and place. 

June 1 2014  Manhattan Kansas-1654

We had Wendy's for dinner the last two nights.  Sick people aren't picky, you see. I do intend to make a visit to Smash Burger this week. I am just happy to be out of bed and mobile and sitting up using the laptop.  

June 1 2014  Manhattan Kansas-1652

We are in a thunderstorm warning now.  You could see the storm clouds rolling in from Wendy's parkinglot. 

June 1 2014  Manhattan Kansas-1656

I spent a little while out today, maybe an hour and a half. But not too much.  I hate getting chest colds because I tend to get bronchitis with my asthma.  So this is my pitiful attempt at travel blogging and a total lack of incredible Flint Hills landscapes which I wished to bring you.  But I no longer have the thermostat on 60 degrees in the hotel room so I anticipate a speedy recovery, especially since I've been running a fever since last Monday.  Hopefully there will be more tomorrow! You can see what I was doing a year ago on many links to related posts! 


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I'm glad you're finally feeling better...and you get to enjoy some little luxuries like cable. *get better hugs*

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