Sick in Manhattan
Flint Hills Afternoon

Seeing the Sights in Abilene

So today I'm no longer sick in Manhattan. In fact I ventured away from the Little Apple to the town of Abilene to visit the Eisenhower library and museum.   Eisenhower's hometown is Abilene Texas.  It is an interesting town, the railhead for the Chisholm Trail; museums, mansions and a lot of history. 

6-2-2014 Flint Hills and Abilene Kansas  WM-1664

Oh Abilene, there are more posts to come from today's photos (over 400) but to give you a glimpse into my busy day sightseeting up here in the Flint Hills.

6-2-2014 Flint Hills and Abilene Kansas  WM-1666

By the time I made it to Abilene, like my hometown of Duncan it is another Chisholm Trail town. 

6-2-2014 Flint Hills and Abilene Kansas  WM BNSF train depot with train going by-1693

I was told in the visitor's center that Abilene was the home to three train depots.  I imagine so, considering the volume of cattle that came through here in the late 19th century. 

6-2-2014 Flint Hills and Abilene Kansas  American Indian Art Center-1716

This was an interesting place! I had a good discussion with the owner about Native culture and history.   I will be posting more photos of it. 

6-2-2014 Flint Hills and Abilene Kansas  Eisenhower Museum and Library-1959

Next stop, made by the dutiful registered Republican (I'm a libertarian but I tend to vote to the right).  I made my way to visit my first Presidential Library and museum. It was more interesting than I anticipated.  

6-2-2014 Flint Hills and Abilene Kansas D-Day paper from eisenhower museum-1797

So since we're nearing the anniversary of D-Day this week. Guess what - my wifi is awfully slow.  So this is all there will be for this post!  Tomorrow the adventure continues.



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Andrea Talton

:) I grew up in Abilene, many of these places are beloved, as being a small tourism based town, there wasn't much to do except wander aimlessly though the various antique malls and tourist attractions. The American Indian Art Center is extra sweet though. That guy is always polite, well spoken and acts interested in what you have to say. Even if it were say... My great grandmother was a Cherokee Princess. Hehehe. He is very respectful and always has something interesting to say. Not only that, the stuff in there is very beautiful... Also, I Like Ike. Hehehehe. If you didn't look at the Greyhound Hall of Fame, give it a try. Greyhound racing and the breed in general is more interesting than people give credit for....

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