The Well Site and the Darkness
Treasure Hunting

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

So yesterday my Dad celebrated his 76th birthday.  It was cold, much like his birthday one year in Nebraska where we had a blizzard and I remember helping with chores on the farm in a snowstorm.   This year for his birthday I bought him a metal detector, which we got to try out today.  Yesterday though we were having some issues with the company that was building the fence and leveling the pad for the well to be drilled.  Yesterday the folks were not happy.  

Karla Sharp's Well Site  Monday April 14th First fence post-2078

So do you see the stake in the ground behind the post?  Yeah, that's where the fence should go.  Well they didn't quite get it right yesterday.   

Karla Sharp's Well Site  Monday April 15th second fence post-2112

Today it was fixed.  It is amazing how quickly things can be corrected when the errors are pointed out, by cranky landowners.   What is interesting is that these wells being drilled all around are a coordinated efford by various companies.  Despite one corporation being behind most of the exploration for minerals.   

Karla Sharp's Well Site  Monday April 14th Big John Deere-2052

Now isn't this a beautiful piece of equipment?  

Karla Sharp's Well Site  Monday April 14th-2044

These machines have helped move an incredible amount of dirt in the last few days.  

Karla Sharp's Well Site  Monday April 14th gravel trucks-2082

I've been getting some use out of the 18-135 lens that I purchased last month at Ft. Worth.  Not the top of the line but outdoors in good lighting it works great.   I recently had a friend ask me how to become a "photographer" and I don't really know what to answer besides shoot a lot of pictures.  Most of my evenings revolve around photography in some way. I'm editing or posting pictures.  I would think people would get absolutely sick of seeing my postings.   I'm driven to update my postings and need a full time job to support my full time photography addiction.  Yet, I'm not sure if it's all photography or more the addiction to documenting experiences.  

Karla Sharp's Well Site  Monday April 14th gravel trucks-2073

Here is a gravel truck unloading yet another load of gravel. I should have had my camera Monday morning at 7am when there were already six gravel trucks lined up to unload.   

Monday April 13th -2039

Did you ever think about how much work goes into producing the natural gas and oil that we take for granted every day?  

Monday April 13th -2045

Getting it ready. It looks like the other well has been delayed for another week or so.  But that gives me time to catch up on my postings.  I love that it's finally spring even if mother nature forgot that yesterday.  

Monday April 13th -2055

My passenger arrived safely from school and is out to check on the progress.   

Barn damaged by the storm-2089

So, I forgot that I needed fuel in my car.  I drove around to where my cousin told me some storm damage was.  I forgot that by the time I got there my range said FOUR MILES and I had over ten miles back to town.  So the kid and I were sweating it and fearing we might be walking to town when the fuel ran out.   But we made it.  Coming up next is today's posting.   Then maybe I can catch up on older photos.  



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Alan Bates

I'm glad that the company is correcting their mistakes.

I love your answer on how to become a photographer. "Take pictures" is great advice. If you don't like taking pictures then go do something else.

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