A Sweet Little Piece of Glass
A Fracking Walk

The Hazy Shade of Early Spring

Today was a beautiful day.  Windy, but beautiful.  So I decided to go out to the lake and capture the sunset and try out my new lenses. 

Hazy March Evening at Lake Fuqua-0334

Of course taking county roads to the lake we have to take time for the cows.  

Hazy March Evening at Lake Fuqua-0413


I was scouting a place to do some Senior portrait photography and wanted to get out since it was 80 degrees outside.  

Hazy March Evening at Lake Fuqua-0452

I'd like to do some comparisons of other years compared to Spring 2014 from my archives.  These photos were taken roughtly a year ago: 2013 A Foolish Hope for Peace or Pauls Valley Oklahoma.  Maybe we should try 2012: Wow! Look at how Green it was in this post.. "Its Not Easy Being Green." Not a lot of greenery that I found in my March 2011 shots but I did find some great old posts: "Nothing Like the Sun" or this these "At The Circus" photos are the first photos that I got when I switched from the Canon Rebel to the Canon 7D which I still shoot with.  I do love these "Little Sahara" shots too.  I always go somewhere or do something amazing and think that I soon will be able to return and do it again. Unfortunately that doesn't always happen, but I'm always looking forward to the new adventures that life brings me.  

Hazy March Evening at Lake Fuqua-0470

This is my favorite shot from these this evening.   There was a dust storm and it was hazy because of all of the wind. The wind had died down by the time we arrived at the lake though and it was just pleasant. 

Hazy March Evening at Lake Fuqua-0480

I'm loving the longer evenings that the subtle switch in time brings us. 

Hazy March Evening at Lake Fuqua-0510

These photos minus the first one were all shot with my 18-135 lens which I think will be great for general outdoor photography.  That is the sun setting through the haze.  

Hazy March Evening at Lake Fuqua-0506

I no longer convert a lot of my images to black and white.  Why? Because I prefer color images and I find black and white to be a nice, handy little editing trick to make something look artistic or to compensate for poor exposure.  Now, when I can shoot well exposed beautiful shots would I want to convert them to black and white?  Sometimes things look black and white when I shoot them.   Perhaps I don't like black and white and don't even feel it applies to real life. I want to take everything in with the full spectrum of colors.  



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Alan Bates

I'd say you are learning your lenses pretty fast. These dusty skies with the vaguely pink tones make for some interesting effects. I've never quite got the trick of black and white. The only time I use it is with some of the instagram filters.

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