The Pink Pistol in Tishomingo Oklahoma
Saturday Night Musings

A Really Bad Day

This morning as I went to start my car to warm it up; I could see that it was going to be a beautiful sunrise, so I grabbed my camera as I left to take my kids to meet their Grandma.  I was dressed in my normal early morning attire of my pajamas with a jacket.  We headed off on our twelve miles around the dusty road to the farm and I stopped at my usual place to photograph the sunrise.

Sunrise January 30th day I sprained my ankle-8549

So it's about 7 am and I stopped for this shot and drove a couple more miles around this gravel road and backed up to take another angle of the sunrise as it rose over the ever present oilfield equipment.  

Where I hurt my ankle-8559
As I stepped in to get a better shot (without the powerlines) I stepped into a hole, and fell, with my foot twisted behind me. I couldn't catch myself with my wrists.  Immediate and severe pain.  My husband just asked me if this photo (above) was worth six weeks of my life and apparently it is.  

Joy's Ankle

I managed to drive the five miles to my Sister's house and get inside to find my foot and ankle already this swollen.  It was after three pm and emergency room and some xrays later that I found out nothing was broken and it is a sprain, which I get to stay off my foot for a month at least. 

Joy's Sprained ankle 2

As a runner hurting my foot has been one of my greatest fears, especially considering how many miles a week I run and what it does for my anxiety.  It is my first sprain and I've never broken a bone so it's a pretty traumatic injury for me.  I've said that I have this dislike of the last week of January for the last few years and it continues.  So I will say goodnight since my pain medicine is making me queasy.  


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Santo Spinella


Hows your ankle going?

Thats a great pic you took, maybe worth a sprained ankle :-)

Kate Crowder

Your photos that you take are absolutely gorgeous. OUCH, your ankle looks just as bad as mine does I recently sprained my ankle for the first time to.
Did you cry?


Thanks for the comments! My ankle is feeling much better, It is still sore and I can't run for another month or so but I think it is healing like it's supposed to.

No, it probably wasn't worth that sunrise and I did cry, it was my first sprain that I've ever had and I'm 36 years old!

Kate Crowder

I'm glad that your ankle is healing alright.
I know how you feel I'm 44 years old and this is also my first sprain. I missed a step out our front door making me twist my ankle oh my god the pain was unbearable I cried too... a lot.

How is your ankle doing now?


Thanks it's doing much better than it was! Barely any limp now. But it still gets a little sore. I'm glad I waited until I was older before falling down. I hope yours heals quickly too!

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