Rainy Mountain
Great Plains State Park

Cutthroat Gap Massacre

In 1833 a band of Osage Indians attacked a group of Kiowas in a place that came to be known as the "Cutthroat Gap Massacre."  This historical marker is located on the drive to Rainy Mountain, another important Kiowa site.  It is on Highway 54 heading north towards Gotebo.  The actual site of the killing was 2.5 miles from the marker.   All of the men and many of the women and children were killed during this ambush.  Kiowas were beheaded and their heads were left in cooking pots. A testament to the violence of warring tribes. 

Cutthroat Gap Massacre Kiowas
A view east towards Cutthroat Gap 

Cutthroat Gap
It is sobering we often think of atrocities committed by our Government to the Native People, but sometimes forget about the harsh reality of survival on the open plains.  A spectacular landscape once owned by the warriors who rode across the plains.  


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